Please bring as much of the following recommended list of materials as possible. There is also a good art shop in Brive, 50 minutes away by car.

Good watercolor box.
It is better to have a dozen good colors than a bigger box of poor quality paints. Tubes are best for studio use because one can mix up large quantities, but pans are very useful when painting outdoors because all the colors are easily accessible.
The following is a good basic palette of colors:
Cadmium red
Alizarin/Madder crimson
Lemon/permanent yellow
Cadmium yellow
Yellow ochre
Burnt sienna
Burnt umber
Viridian/emerald green
Cobalt blue
Cerulean blue
Windsor/Phalo blue
Payne's Gray.

Cold press or rough watercolor paper. Some good papers are Arches, Saunders and Fabriano. Heavy 150 lb paper is best but if you stretch 90 lb stock on boards, it will do.
A drawing sketch book
A pad of cold press watercolor paper, at least 25cm x 30cm (11" x 14")

Watercolor brushes

At least three brushes. I suggest #2,#7 and a medium sized flat brush to cover large areas. It will be less expensive than a large round brush. Sable brushes are best, but they are very expensive. Choose round brushes that make a good point when moist, with springy hairs that hold their shape well and don't flop over. A favorite new brush of mine is a squirrel brush: both Isaby and Raphael make them. I have a number 4 Petit Gris.

Useful things
One or two pencils (I use 5B)
Pencil sharpener
Putty and normal erasers
Water soluble gummed tape
Masking tape
Scissors and/or cutting blades
Old tooth brush
Right angle and tee square
Eye dropper
Small natural seasponge
Plastic palette for mixing colors with large, deep sections
Two jars for water
Paper towels
Appropriately sized portfolio
Carry bag
Drawing board

Tracing paper
A small tube of white paint
Bottle of masking fluid
Folding stool and table
Portable folding easel
Insect spray

I will have some materials for those of you who will be traveling from far away:
large sheets of watercolor paper for sale
water jars
drawing boards
plastic crates than can be used as stools

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